Anguel Hristozov

Software Engineer

Hi there. My name is Anguel Hristozov, and I'm a software engineer.

I did my undergraduate at the University of Glasgow in Scotland and finished with a M.Sci. in Software Engineering with Honours of the First Class.

This means that my interest in tech and programming is quite strong. I enjoy learning about new topics and tend to have strong opinions based on experience and ignorance.

Thank you for visiting my page. You can find my contact details in the top right navigation bar buttons.

Skills and interests

Programming Languages: Java Python Javascript Node.js
Platforms: Amazon Web Services Google Cloud Platform Heroku Netlify Android Firebase
Frameworks/Libraries: Django Flask Vue.js React.js Bootstrap scikit-learn jQuery
Tools: Git IntelliJ IDEA PyCharm Visual Studio Code
Currently learning: Networking React Native Figma FastAPI

Reading: Science fiction Mystery History Business and finance Biography/Autobiography Scientific
Writing: Poetry Short stories Technical Blog posts
Physical activities: Hiking Camping Skiing Ice skating Biking
Gaming: Real time strategy Turn based strategy Cooperative PvE Single-player campaign-based
Currently learning: Music theory FL Studio